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Surya's International Inc, was initiated on 13th March 1990 as a computer training center at #463, 2nd Cross, BSK I Stage, 2nd Block, Hanumanthnagar, Bangalore-560050. At that time the computer technology was just in its infancy stage and the cost of even a simple pc was very high.

Being aware that the computer technology was the future and the need of the hour was to spread the knowledge of computers to the masses, we decided to provide training in various aspects of computers.

During these 30+ years of our journey we have successfully provided training in various computer technologies like Basics of Computers, Office Management, Programming, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Animation, Mobile App Development, Graphic Designing Data Mining, Artificial Intelligency, IOT and more.

In addition to computer training we have also been providing website development services, digital marketing services, financial consultancy and freelancing work on the Internet. We've tried to reach out to various sectors of the society like students, professionals, business persons and freelancers and were successful to some extend but there is lot more to do.

The journey of initiating people to become '‚ÄčAtmanirbhar Bharat' with respect to computers and technology is on, you can also join us in this effort and enjoy the experience of spreading the knowledge and use of computer technology to one and all.

Surendra Kapadia, Founder, Course Coordinator and Trainer is a qualified Electrical and a Computer engineer with an experience of 30+ years as a Computer Trainer and Consultant.

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