Domain Name and its Importance.

Benefits of selecting the right domain name for your business website.

Importance of having a Correct Domain Name.
Benefits of selecting the right domain name for your business website.

What’s a domain name?

Domain name is your identity on the world wide web. Your website planning, designing and implementation starts with the selection and registeration of a suitable domain name. You can have a website either for personal use or for your business purpose. If your website is to promote your business then it becomes very important to select the best domain name. Remember that a domain name also helps you to build your own brand on the world wide web just like google and yahoo.

Some factors you need to consider while choosing your domain name:

1. Let your domain name be short, meaningful and easy to remember type.
2. If your domain name is a phrase then use hyphen to seperate the words instead of white space.
3. Preferably use alphabets while naming your domain and if necessary one or two hyphens only.
4. For business websites avoid using personal names within your domain names.
5. Do not use any spaces and special characters within your domain names.
6. Include the name of your product or service within the domain name.

Types of domain names and their importance:

While you are registering your domain name on the world wide web, you will have to select a suitable domain extension for your website like .com, .org, .net, .biz, .in, .mob etc. There are about more than 25+ domain extensions to select from. So how do you decide which domain extension is perfect and most beneficial for your website?. Well, it depends on what your business is about and from where you are operating. Say for example for business websites you can go for .com extension and for an educational institute .edu would be more suitable and if you are conducting a business within a particular country say India then you can select .in as your domain extension. So, your domain extension revels more details about your business on the world wide web.

Some examples of domain extensions are:

  • Business purpose : .com
  • Organization purpose : .org
  • Country specific : .in, .au
  • Mobile specific : .mob
  • Network specific : .net
  • Education specific : .edu
  • Government organizations : .gov

What’s the approximate cost of registering a domain name?

A domain registration may cost you from Rs.99 per year to a lakh per year depending on many factors like:

1. When you register a new domain name, mostly for the first year you pay less. The cost will increase from subsequent years.
2. If you plan to buy an already existing and active domain from someone then you may have to pay additional premium amount other that the domain renewal fees. The amount depends on the demand and urgency.
3. Your domain name cost may also depend on the extension like .com may cost more than .in
4. While registering a domain name you have a choice of renewing it of 1/2/5/10/12 years or more. If you select one year then the next year you will have to once again renew for the next one year or more else your domain name may expire. So, the cost of domain names also depends on the validity meaning that the more the validity the less cost you pay.

How do I find if a domain is already registered or not and if registered who the owner is?

You can use the website to find if a particular domain name is available for registration. If its already registered then you can find all the details of the current owner of the domain name provided the information is not made private.

What is the process of registering a new domain name?

Follow these simple steps to register your new domain name:

1. Decide on a couple of suitable domain names either for personal or business website
2. Open the website
3. Enter the domain name in the box provided, select the correct extension name and click on search
4. If your domain is available it will list the same with other alternative domain names, their cost of registration etc.
5. If some domain name suits your requirements then click on Select button besides the specific domain name that you want to register.
6. Then click on Continue to Cart and follow the steps, make the payment and confirm your order.
7. If everything is done correctly your domain will be registered and a success message will be displayed on the monitor screen. You will also receive the confirmation message to your email box as well.

Where else can I register my domain name?

You can register your domain name at any authorized domain registrars like godaddy, twocows etc.

What are the beneifits of having the right domain or website name?

You can build your own brand name.
Build up your online presence.
Improve your online sales
Customers will remember you by your website name.
Attract more visitors to your website and earn more profit from your business.