Frequently asked questions

  • ​I have a small provisional stores and I don't have knowledge of computers, can I still have a website for my business?
    Answer. Yes, You can surely have a website for your professional stores business and attract more customers and earn more profit.
  • How much does it cost to have a business website?
    Answer. A simple one-page business website can cost you as little as Rs.1000 and then depending on the type of website and the features that you want for your website the cost may vary. Call us at 9972130725 for more information.
  • ​I am a well established Graphic Designer, do I still need to have a website?
    Yes, a website will help you to reach out to the masses worldwide who might not have seen you or even know anything about you. Your  website provides a link between you and the  people out there. So, when you reach out to more and more people your business will surely improve in addition you also develop your own personal brand.
  • I am a commerce student and C programming is an optional subject. I find it very difficult to cope with this subject. Can you help me?
    Yes, we can provide you with relevant training in the subject and help you to understand and learn the subject better.
  • I am running a beauty parlor since the last 5 years and I have got quite a good list of loyal customers. Now, I wish to expand my business and for that I need financial assistance, can you help me in this regard?
    Yes, we can provide you with financial consultancy services to fulfill you business goal. Call us at 9972130725.
  • Who can join the computer courses?
    Anyone who has the interest and intentions of enhancing his/her knowledge in computer technology either for academic purpose, job requirements or out of personal interest can join our courses.
  • What is the mode of payment for all your services?
    We prefer either Cash, Bank Transfer, Bank Demand Draft or PhonePe.
  • When do I pay the computer course fees?
    You will have to pay the course fees in full at the time of joining and before the start of the computer course.
  • Where is your registered office / computer training center located?
    Our registered office/training center is located at:
    Surya's International Inc
    #463, 2nd Cross, 9th Main,
    BSK I Stage, 2nd Block,
    Karnataka, India
  • When does the new batch for the computer course start?
    Fresh batches for all courses start in the first week of every month.
  • I am from a different background, can I join these computer courses and apply for a job?
    Sure, no matter what your background is and how much you know about computers, don't worry, whatever topic you take up we will teach you from the basics and at your speed it will be a one-to-one training. So, you can confidently join our courses and after completion apply for jobs of your linking, we will provide you with full support all through.
  • What is the duration of the computer courses?
    Answer. Duration of each individual course may differ, call us at 9972130725 for more details.
  • Can I get a certification after the completion of the computer course?
    Yes, at the end of the course we will be conducting a written exams as well as a project work. Based on your performance you will be awarded a course completion certificate. We also suggest our students to take up a few related online tests in the subjects for which they have undergone training with us, this can enhance their scope for job and career opportunities.
  • I have a couple of websites, can you do Digital Marketing for them?, how much will you you charge me?.
     Yes, we can carry out Digital Marketing campaigns for your websites. To estimate the cost we will have to check your websites and work out a plan of action. Call us at : 9972130725 so that we can discuss on this matter.

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