Privacy Policy

While using our website do we collect personal information from the users?

Only under certain circumstance where we feel it necessary, then personal information like name, age, gender, address, email id, phone number, martial status, profession, and personal interests etc are collected from the user.

Why do we collect this information?

This information is collected for the following reasons –
i. To establish a proper identification of the person who use our website.
ii. For having a business communication with the user whenever necessary.

What we do not do with this information?

We will never sell, lease, barter or gift this information with any individual, company, organization, trust etc. either for monetary benefits or for charity.

How important is your information to us?

Your information is very important to us because through this we are able to identify the individual person who will be using our website and the various resources and also to communicate with the person as and when required, hence without this information it would not be possible to fulfill these two needs.