Professional Training Programs

We provide professional one-to-one self paced computer training for working individuals, students, job seekers, employed persons, freelancers, business persons, home makers, senior citizens and everyone who has a burning desire to learn computers.

Courses offered

Beginner Course
If you have not used a computer before and wish to start using one then this course is for you. We introduce you to the basic fundamentals of computers about what, how and why? aspects with some hands on activities.

Beginners course covers :
a. Computer Fundamentals
b. Documentation with Word
c. Internet and Email concepts

Office Management
Manage all your office activities like preparing documents, composing letters, sending mails to multiple recipients, accounting, billing, reporting, sales presentations, automizing daily tasks through macros and more. . .

Office Management Course covers:
a. MS Word
b. MS Excel
c. MS Excel Advanced
d. MS Power Point

Accounting System
Maintain all your business accounts, stock inventory, employee details and pay-role system. Generate trail balance, balance sheet and various other reports as per your company requirements and specific needs. .

Accounting Management System Course covers:
a. Tally Accounting System

Programming Languages
Learn one or more programming languages and start developing your own applications and Apps to solve your day-to-day problems. Let your applications do all the work while you can focus on other important activities of your life.

Programming Languages course covers:
a. C Programming
b. C++ Programming
c. Java Programming
d. Javascript Programming
e. Python Programming
f. R Programming

Database Management
Do you have lots of business information to handle?, then learn to organize, retrieve and generate reports of your database as per your requirements and needs in split seconds.

Database Management course covers:
a. MS Access

Digital Marketing & Monitoring
The success of your online business through your website entirely depends of how many people visited your website and ultimately how many of these visitors got converted into actual customers. To generate more visitors and prospective customers to your website use one or more of the techniques mentioned below, believe me you are sure to be successful.

Our Digital Marketing course covers:
a. Search Engine Optimization
b. Social Media Marketing
c. Google AdWords
d. Affiliate Marketing
e. Email Marketing
f. Video Marketing
g. Google Analytics
h. Google Tag Manager

Website Designing
To conduct your business in the virtual world i.e. on the Internet or world wide web you will need a website that will act as your online representative who will work for you 24/7. Through your website you can showcase your business details like what products / services you are offering, their specifications, cost, your specialization etc. You can have an interactive website so that your website visitors can pass on a message or call you anytime or if they are convinced they can buy your products or services directly from your website.

Website designing course covers:
a. Website Designing in HTML5 & CSS & WordPress
b. Shopping Website Designing in Abento

Graphic Designing
Advertisement, movies, product design, architectural designing or anything related to creation from scratch involves lots of art and graphics work and if you know to use the right set of tools you can design your own art work for your company or you can provide the service as a freelancer.

Learn and start using the following graphic designing applications for your professional and personal needs.

Graphic Designing course covers:
a. Photoshop
b. 3ds Max Modeling
c. VRay for 3DSMax
d. Google Sketchup
e. VRay for Google Sketchup
f. Daz 3D Modeling
g. Autocad