11 Reasons to have a website for your business, small or big.

Internet is made up of websites, documents, worksheets, images, videos, audio, programs, scripts and such other related files, millions of them or even more. These files represents a huge volume of data or information related to business, education, entertainment, sports and almost every information under the sun. Among all this information the most important information is about the business establishments both local to your place as well as the global players. Using a search engine you can find out details of the products and services that you are looking for, who sells them and from where, through their websites.

If you are a business person or you are representing a business establishment then you must have a business website to derive all the benefits that come to you almost for free. Some of the benefits that you can enjoy are listed below:

1. Brand Building : By having your own website, you can build your own brand over a period of time. On your website if everything is made available to the visitor, like relevant information about your products and services, your contact information, online chat system, smooth payment and delivery system, then there is no doubt that your prospective customer will have a great experience while he is on your website and this will motivate him to buy his requirements from you and with the availability of sharing and reviewing system on the various social websites, it will not take a long time for the word to spread to the masses about your website. As more and more people come to know about your products and services, the traffic to your website will gradually increase and your business will improve resulting in earning more profit for your company. All the while building a unique brand name for your company.

2. Online Brochure : The advantage of a website is that you can represent information about your products and services in various formats like text, pictures, videos, audio and presentations. In addition, your website can be dynamic as well. So, with proper planning you can create a complete online colorful, dynamic and eye-catching brochure about your products and services. The additional features that you can include to your online brochure are an online chatting system, online payment system and an instant
calling system.

3. Virtual Marketer that’s available 24/7/365 : Carrying out business through a brick and mortar shop is restricted in many ways, like you may be available to your customers for a limited time say from 9am to 9pm or whenever your shop is open and then you close your shop and go back to your home. What happens if a customer wants to visit your shop either before 9am or after 9pm?. In case he visits, he has to go back seeing a locked door which means that probably you have lost a prospective customer. If you do not want to loose your customers in this way and you want to be available for them all 24/7 then you will have to have your own business website that will work for you for almost full-time 24/7 without any break or complains.

4. Global Reach : The limitation of a brick and a mortar shop is that your prospective customers are limited to your locality. If you have been into business for quite some time and built up a reputation for yourself then you may have customers visiting your shop from the neighboring localities as well. But still there is a limitation, in the sense that you may not have any customers from a neighboring city or town because the people over there are not aware of your shop. If you still wish that someone from a different city or town visit your shop you will have to do a lot of advertising and that would cost you a lot of money. So, what is the solution?, I would suggest you to have your own business website and believe me if done correctly, you can reach out to global customers all 24/7 without spending a fortune. With all the facilities like online chat, online payment system, online delivery system, things become more convenient and easy for you as well as to your customer. More visitors to your website means more business to your company and the end result is more profit to your company. Your website is your online business representative who is available for your customers even while you are sleeping.

5. Your website is Dynamic : Means that you can update your website anytime from anywhere with the latest information about your company, products and services such that every time your customers visit your website, they will find something new to read, this keeps their excitement  alive and motivates them to visit your website again and again. Updating your website is very easy, fast and convenient. While you are updating your website simultaneously the updated information is made available to your visitors and prospective customers.

6. Its Cost Effective : To have a brick and mortar business established at a reasonably good location it may cost you a fortune. If you plan to have even a rented shop of say 10 ft x 10 ft you may have to pay a minimum monthly rent of Rs.5000 to Rs.100000 depending upon the locality you select. Next comes the furniture and products cost. As you cannot start a business without stock you will have to buy sufficient stock of your products and this would cost you additional funds. So overall you may end up spending
lots of money just to start off your business without any guarantee that you will make a profit. Now consider having your own business website, how much would it cost you?, the overall cost would be for the domain name & server space registration and a few website resources in terms of pictures, content etc. All this put together would cost you less than Rs.10000 for the whole year. You don’t need to buy any stock in advance, you buy only when you have an order to be fulfilled, this way you do not end up having dead stock.

7. Easy Payment System : With more and more people buying online it becomes necessary to have a convenient method of receiving the payments from these customers from within your website. To accept an online payment you need to integrate a suitable payment gateway system on your website. Presently, there a number of options to choose from, the most popular being Paypal, which provides you with a very easy and a convenient way of accepting your payments on your website through credit or debit cards from both local as well as global customers. The implementation is easy and maintenance free. In addition there are a lot of other companies offering this service. So, if you are conducting your business online through your website then you can easily implement a suitable payment gateway system on your website and start conducting your business tension free.

8. Easy Delivery System : If you are selling digital products like pictures, videos, audio, software, documents, games, apps or any other digital product on your website and say someone buys one of these products from you then how will you deliver the product to your customer?, easy, upload all these digital products on your server and whenever someone buys a product from you, you just need to send them the download link to this particular product and your customer can instantly download the same on his computer by clicking the download link. Its easy, fast and totally free delivery system.

9. Easy Tracking System : If you buy a product from one of the local shops in your area, the whole process would be very simple like you pay the cost of the product to the shopkeeper and instantly he delivers the product to you and the deal is closed. But, in case you buy something online like a mobile phone or a watch then the delivery of the product does not happen instantly, instead the shop keeper will have to pack your product and send it to you through the postal or a courier service, this may take some
time depending on how far or near you are placed from the supplier. Meanwhile, you may be anxious to know about the status of your product like, has the company send the product, how far has it reached and how many more days you will have to wait to receive the product. All this information can be easily tracked online and live, you just need to implement a proper and a suitable tracking system on your website. This way you will be saving a lot of time that you would have been spending answering questions
about their purchase and delivery time from your customers.

10. Instant and Easy Communication with Clients : There are a number of ways by which you can communicate with your prospective customers who are visiting your website. For example, assume that one of your website visitor wants to send you a quick message then he can fill up the contact us form and directly send it to you. In case if he is using a mobile phone to view your website then he can click on the instant call now button and directly speak to you. And, by implementing an online chat system, you can start an online chat with one or more of your website visitors anytime and from anywhere. This way, by having a systematic communication system implemented on your website you can always be in touch with your prospective customers, answer their questions, built up a good rapo with them and ultimately do more business, earn more profit and develop a longtime business relationship with them.

11. Increased Business and Profit : By being online you are available full-time to your customers, you can reach out to the masses without spending even a pie. The convenience of a website will attract more and more prospective customers to your website and when more and more customers reach out to your website, your sales will increase in leaps and bounds and the result would be in terms of more profit for your company.

So, I am sure by now you must have realized the importance and advantages of having a business website. If you still do not have a business website, I would suggest you to immediately have one, you will surely be benefited in many ways.