What is website user experience and how important is it?.

Your website is your virtual business stores on the Internet. When people visit your website they check on details about the available products and services that you are selling to them. They may spend a few seconds or minutes on your website and then maybe they will buy something from your website or they may just leave your website by either opening some other website or by closing the browser tab itself. Now, why do people do this?

Website user experience is a very important aspect for your online business, if the user experience is good then you will surely make a lot of sales through your website but if the user experience is not so good then people may just leave in a few seconds after your website has loaded.

What are the important aspects that influence the user experience on your website?


  • Your web-page should be focused on a specific topic, product or services that the user is searching for.
  • Your website should have easy navigation system.
  • Have few and clear pictures that relate to the subject matter.
  • Use light background colors and visible fonts with suitable size and color.
  • Contact information like telephone numbers / contact persons names should be clearly mentioned on every web-page of your website.
  • Online chat facility should be provided for quick communication system.
  • Content should be clear, informative and in simple language without any spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • You website should load within 2-3 seconds max time.
  • If your web-page content is more, then spread the content to multiple pages with proper navigation system.

Have Not’s

  • Your business website should be free from any kind of sponsor ads.
  • Do not use any kind of popup windows either at an entry or exit point.
  • Do not use any kind of re-directions for your web-pages.
  • No under construction pages on your website.
  • No false claims and promises about the products and services that your are selling on your website.
  • Check and make sure there are no HTML coding errors on your website.

Remember that if the website user experience on your website is good then you can be assured of making lots of sales on your website and you will also get a positive feedback from your satisfied customers and that in turn will attract more new customers to your website, but if the user experience is bad then the whole scenario will change and the after effects will not be so good both for your business as well as for your reputation.

So, check and make required corrections on your website as suggested in this article, improve your website user experience and attract more and more satisfied customers.