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Importance of having a your own business website

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Way back in the 80s all business activities were limited to the local customers only, I mean you sell your products and services to a hand full of people around you and maybe in some few cases you could have extended your business and services beyond your own town or city. These limitations were there because of the limited facilities and infrastructure in terms of communication and delivery system that were available at that time.

In the year 1995 and beyond after the first Internet boom people started communicating with each other through the world wide web, they started sharing their information via websites. Initially the world wide web was limited to academic interest and information sharing in general but over a period time more and more people started using the Internet. Initially desktops were used to access the internet but as technology improved people started using laptops, tabs and mobile phones to access the Internet.

Observing the positive development, business concerns started using the websites to showcase their business on the world wide web and reach out to the global customers and thereby improved their business prospects.

What is a website?

A website is a platform through which you can showcase your business to your prospective customers. It can be considered as an online business catalog or brochure where your customers can check on your products and services and if they are interested they can buy them online. Its your online representative who works for you without any complain or demands non-stop all 24/7/365 days.

Who can or should have a business website?

If you are conducting any business that caters to either the local customers or to the global audience then you really need to have a business website. By doing so you will be able to simplify your business activities, it will also help you to reach out to more customers. And, all this can be possible at a very low price and at the same time you can derive maximum returns on investment in terms of business profits.

Important features of a business website

  1. Your website can work for you as an online catalog or a business brochure

  2. If someone wants to communicate with you instantly they can either directly call you from your website or they can fill up the contact us form available on your website.

  3. Your prospective customers can locate your business stores through the Google Map available on your website

  4. Complete business transaction from show-casing your products, buying them, payment processing and product delivering, all this can be carried out very systematically and smoothly on your website with less or no human intervention.

  5. While on your website if your visitors have any questions or doubts with respect to your products or services they can instantly talk to you via the online text chat system available on your website.

  6. In case your website visitors wish they can share your website information with others via the social media platform like Facebook, Twitter etc.

  7. Having a business website will automize most of your business activities thereby increasing your business prospects to a large extend and adding more profit to your business.

  8. Implementing the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager services on your website you can easily monitor the performance of your website on the world wide web and also observe your website visitors interactions with your website. By analyzing these reports you can take proper action with respect to the corrections and improvements of your website to derive the maximum benefits from your business website.

How much does it cost to have your own business website?

The cost of having your own business website depends on the kind of facility and benefits that you wish to have from your website. A simple 5 page website could cost you just about Rs.2500- and a full fledged shopping website may cost you about Rs.25000-. So, before you start developing your business website you will have to decide on all aspects of your business that you would wish to implement online through your website and then go ahead and develop one.

What next???

Okay, this was just an insight about a business website. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

Further, you can do two things – if you wish to have your own business website then we can develop one for you else, why not learn the process of developing a business website and then develop your own business website all by yourself?.

Both ways we can guide you. . .so what are you waiting for??? call us now at 9972130725