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Microsoft Office, what’s that?, how can it be useful to you?


When you buy a new computer two things are sure to be installed on your PC, one your Windows Operating System, two the Microsoft Office application, unless you have chosen to use some other operating system like Linus etc.

Most of us have been using computers for quite some time, maybe for professional or personal requirements but how many of us have really explored our computer and tried to find out what applications are there and how it can help us. Most often we use our PC in a certain fixed pattern maybe because we never felt the need to explore or we thought that there was no time to do so.

Well then, today lets explore one of the most useful and productive set of applications that is lying in your computer and maybe you have not yet explored and used it enough any guesses?, well I am talking about Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office is really a very powerful set of software having about 10 different applications bundled together, each application having its own unique features and uses that can fulfill the needs of any office related activities either big or small.

While you are working on your PC click on the ‘Start’ button and under the option ‘All Programs’ click on ‘Microsoft Office’ option, you will see a list of applications like MS Access, MS Excel, MS Info Path Designer, MS Info Path Filler, MS One Note, MS Outlook, MS Power Point, MS Publisher, MS SharePoint workspace and MS Word.

Let’s explore and understand more about these applications so let’s get started
MS Access – Used to create database and programs to track and manage your information.
MS Excel – Used to perform calculations, analyze information and visualize data in spreadsheets.
MS Info Path Designer – Used to design dynamic forms to gather and reuse information throughout the organization.
MS Info Path Filler – Used to fill out dynamic forms to gather and reuse information throughout the organization.
MS One Note – Used to gather, organize and share your notes and information.
MS Outlook – Used to send and receive e-mail, manage your schedule, contacts and tasks, and record your activities.
MS Power Point – Used to create and edit presentations for slide shows, meetings and web-pages.
MS Publisher – Used to create and edit newsletters, brochures, flyers and web sites.
MS SharePoint workspace – Sync SharePoint sites to your computer and work with the content as if you were connected.
MS Word – Used to create and edit professional looking documents such as letters, papers, reports and booklets.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, now its your turn, what are you waiting for?, switch on your computer and start exploring Microsoft Office and enjoy. Don’t forget to share your experience and thoughts with us.

Signing off for now, see you soon with another interesting and useful article.