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In this modern age of computer technology and IOT, we observe that every aspect of our life has been directly or indirectly controlled by computers, mobile phones, world wide web, websites, social media platforms etc. Be it business, education, construction, medicine, travel and tourism or any other field, you will find that the computer technology plays a very important role in the activity and success of every job or service domain you can think of.

The popularity and extensive use of computer technology and related devices at more and more work places and by individual persons, inter-connectivity of all these devices via Bluetooth and wireless technology has opened up with new job / service opportunities in all business, educational and Govt. sector.

Being said that it becomes obvious that no matter what your qualification or educational background is you will have to have certain basic computer skill sets as per your background and job requirements otherwise you stand a great chance of loosing your opportunities to others who are more qualified and knowledgeable than you in terms of computer and related technology.

Over the past two decades we have been initiating and training more and more people into computer and related technology so that they can avail and enjoy the job or service opportunities that are available out there. In fact we have also been successful to a certain extend but, there is lot more to do.

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