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About us

We started our computer institute way back in the year 1992 with one computer and one student and over a period of time as more and more students started coming up we added on more systems and facilities as per the need and demand. In addition to providing one-to-one training to the students at our institute, we also started providing computer training at three leading schools at Bangalore.

During 2001 when the trend of mobile phone and Internet started booming we observed that there was lot of potential opportunities on the Internet so we started guiding students, job seekers and other freelancers to avail these job opportunities. Over the period of the next eight years we had successfully initiated more than 1000+ individuals to work as freelancers from their home.

We specialize in providing professional training in popular programming languages like C, C++, Java, Java Script, Python, R, HTML5, CSS, etc., we also provide training in Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Website Designing, Google App Development, Game Development Programming and Animation.

Since the last 29 years we have provided computer training to 10,000+ students that includes children, college students, job seekers, home makers and senior citizens. As per our records the youngest student that we have trained was about 5 years old and our senior most student was about 83 years.

Our sincere effort is to provide computer knowledge to individuals who have the thirst to learn, age was not at all a barrier and it has always been a one-to-one training and communication with all our students.

Surendra Kapadia, founder, course coordinator and trainer is a qualified electrical and a computer engineer with an experience of 25+ years as a Computer trainer and Consultant.